BREAKING: Iran Military Makes Stunning Move – White House Is…

Iran is now claiming that they are the 14th most powerful military in the world. This comes as the White House has been spearheading an effort to increase an arms embargo on the country.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani boasted of the countries advancements in a televised address to the nation. Rouhani made it clear that any enemy of Iran should be living in fear.

Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami also spoke of  “Iran’s crushing response to any act of aggression” in a thinly veiled jab at the U.S.

Hatami said, “We are monitoring the enemy carefully, and can take measures to disable the enemy’s anti-missile gear, and we say vehemently that our missiles can penetrate into their air defense (systems).”

The latest claims seem to be more posturing from the antagonizing Middle Eastern Islamic republic. Militarily, it has not been a good year for Iran.

It was Iranian rockets that downed a passenger plane killing many of their own at the beginning of the year. Iranian missile experiments have also not been particularly successful. However, the truth is irrelevant as these boasts are nothing more than propaganda to assure the Iranian public.

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