BREAKING: Iran Collapse Notice – Finally, The Regime Is…

The news is spreading worldwide about the impending collapse of Iran. Finally, the regime that has spent years as a state-sponsor of terror could be ending.

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) appeared on Fox News aid said the Iranian government “should be worried” about the “double-digit employment, their economy is imploding.”

During his interview, he also praised President Trump for his “decisive action, an action that should have been taken,” which took out “two of the top terrorist, manipulators, and generals.”

Additionally, Meadows calmed fears of retaliation from Iran, saying that while we “should be cautious,” the risk is “certainly greater” if we do nothing at all. Democrats need to understand this.

Should Iran retaliate in any way, Meadows said, “We will strike back. And we will strike back appropriately.” He also said we can do it “without putting boots on the ground in their country.”

So, as Democrats make the media rounds declaring the start of World War III, Trump is taking measured, decisive action to deal with the Iranian threat that has gone unchecked for so long.

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