BREAKING: Investigation Reveals Joe Biden’s Scandal With Young Children [Developing]

President Joe Biden’s campaign to push vaccines on young children is likely to backfire on him as it turns out, the chances of child fatalities from Covid-19 are astronomically low.

As it turns out, only 0.00-0.02% of child coronavirus cases are fatal, and it is likely those extremely rare fatalities were accompanied by significant comorbidities.

Those numbers haven’t stopped President Biden from championing child vaccination. In a recent tweet, President Biden said, “The FDA has now authorized booster shots for children ages 12 to 15. Vaccinating our children is the best way to protect them from the Omicron variant.”

Why should Americans vaccinate their children against a disease that is not a threat with an experimental vaccine?

President Biden doesn’t want American parents asking that question, hence why the White House is engaged in a propaganda campaign that is hyping up the threat that Covid-19 presents to American children.

President Biden and his administration aren’t happy with just vaccinating 12-15-year-olds; they also want to vaccinate children as young as six months old. It’s long past time for Americans to stand up and say “No” to the Biden administration’s propaganda.

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