BREAKING: Investigation Proves Trump Scandal Was HOAX – Democrats HUMILIATED…

In a court filing on Friday, Special Counsel John Durham said that Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman’s data tying former President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign to Russia was  “not technically plausible” and was “user created.”

The latest revelation from Durham makes it very clear that the Russia collusion story pushed by Democrats was indeed a hoax pushed by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in a bid to damage Trump.

Sussman is currently set to go to trial for lying to a federal agent, claiming that his allegations about the Trump campaign were not made on behalf of any clients.

That turned out to be false as Sussman was working for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and it was clear he made the allegations to the FBI to trigger an investigation that could be used to smear Trump as a Russian asset.

This latest development in the Durham investigation is a nightmare for Clinton as it could kill her budding presidential aspirations.

The Democrat Party has no one to run for President in 2024, and Clinton was looking to fill that gap. Now with the Durham investigation exposing her campaign’s behavior in the 2016 election, her political career’s resurrection is in serious danger.

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