BREAKING: Invasion Announcement Stuns Southern U.S. [Developing]

Arizona gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake told Breitbart that she would issue a “Declaration of Invasion” on her first day in office as a way to close the Arizona/Mexico border.

Lake blamed the federal government for failing to protect Americans by controlling the border and enforcing existing laws.

“If Joe Biden is going to hand off control of our border to the crime and criminal cartels out of Mexico,” she declared, “it’s wrong what he’s doing, and we will go to battle with the feds on this. We’re going to build that wall, and they’re going to fight us, but I think there’s enough wherewithal and power at the state level, and by the American people, to say, ‘No, we want a secure border and Joe Biden is not providing that.’”

Her stance on immigration may well be in line with a majority of Arizonans, even some Democrats that are unhappy with Biden’s open border policies.

She may also influence other border state governors to follow her lead, which would be a great thing for the country as a whole.

Read the full story here.

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