BREAKING: Insider Reveals Vladimir Putin’s Dark Secret – World STUNNED…

Austria’s chancellor Karl Nehammer revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin believes he is winning the war in Ukraine despite the substantial losses Russia has suffered since invading Ukraine.

During an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Nehammer said, “I did a trip to Moscow to confront President Putin with what I saw. You know it was not a friendly conversation. It was a frank and tough conversation. I told him what I saw. I saw the war crimes. I saw the massive loss of the Russian army. I told him there is a need for humanitarian coordinators.”

Despite the massive losses suffered by Russian forces, it seems Putin has no intentions of scaling back operations and is committing even more resources to Ukraine.

Nehammer continued saying, “I think he is now in his own war logic. He thinks the war is necessary for security guarantees for the Russian federation. He doesn’t trust the western world. He blames Ukrainians for genocide in the Donbas region. While he is now, he is now in his world, but I think he knows now what is going on in Ukraine.”

When Anchor Chuck Todd asked him, “Does he [Putin] believe he’s winning the war or losing the war?” Nehammer responded by saying, “I think he believes he’s winning the war.”

If it is true that Putin has indeed left rationality behind, that is an alarming development that should put the rest of the world on high alert. Putin has thousands of nukes at his disposal and the last thing the world needs is for him to use them.

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