BREAKING: Insider Reveals Biden’s Nasty Scandal – Nation Stunned

Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS) revealed that President Biden has not reached out to Republicans for “meaningful input on major legislation.” Biden’s failure to fulfill his promise of unifying America and being bipartisan could explode into a major scandal as more and more details escape to the American people.

Senator Marshall sat down for an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow on Thursday and set the record straight on what the Biden administration is really doing.

Like many predicted, Biden’s promises of unity and bipartisanship were something Biden never intended to fulfill. Senator Marshall said, “The White House has not reached out to any Republican for meaningful input on major legislation — zero, none — it’s not happening. It’s all lip service, and that’s just where we are right now. It is just that simple.”

Senator Marshall also noted that with the issues that Biden is pushing, unity was never an option. He said, “It is a radical agenda. There is no unity. There is no reaching across the aisle by this White House.”

Biden is another President in a long line of Presidents that have promised to be bipartisan and end the gridlock in Washington. Not only did Biden lie to America, but he has actively inflamed divisions and further crippled any hopes of national unity.

Biden has bowed to the radical left in the Democrat Party and is now pushing radical positions like defund the police, packing the Supreme Court, and open borders. There will be no unity under President Biden.

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