BREAKING: Indictment Rocks Nation – Barr Finally Did It

The Justice Department charged Venuzuelan socialist leader Nicholas Maduro with narcoterrorism on Thursday, saying that he is facilitating the global drug trade along with a Colombia-based terrorist group known as the FARC.

“Maduro and these other defendants betrayed the Venezuelan people,” Attorney General William Barr said. “While the Venzuelan people suffer, this cabal lines their pockets. And this has to come to an end.”

The DOJ said that Maduro heads a drug ring called the Cartel of the Sun and lets FARC freely run cocaine from Venuzuela to the U.S. and other North American locations.

Barr said he thinks the DOJ will get custody of Maduro and other defendants “eventually.”

“We want these defendants captured so they can face justice in U.S. courts,” Barr said.

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