BREAKING: Impeachment Vote Results | Democrats Devastated

News is spreading about the upcoming impeachment vote, and the results could already be in. Democrats are devastated by this announcement.

According to Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), impeaching President Trump is “not a foregone conclusion.” She also noted that U.S. history is full of presidential misconduct, but “it’s not all impeachable.”

Lofgren sits on the powerful House Judiciary Committee — the very committee that would draft articles of impeachment against Trump and send them to the floor for consideration.

Either Lofgren is simply trying to strike a more reasonable tone, or Democrats are starting to walk back their extreme, unhelpful rhetoric about impeachment being a sure thing.

“If we do articles — and that’s not a foregone conclusion — that would be the central thrust, I would assume,” she said, referring to the dust-up over Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s president.

Lofgren also brought up “obstruction” as one of the issues the committee is weighing. Regardless, however, it would seem that Democrats are now doing political damage control.

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