BREAKING: Impeachment SHOCKER – Senate Just Found Out…

Harvard Law Professor and White House Counsel Alan Dershowitz addressed House impeachment managers Monday night, telling them that they chose “dangerous” and “wrong” articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump that don’t meet constitutional standards.

Abuse of power,” Dershowitz said, has been a “promiscuously deployed” and “vague” term down through history, and one of which presidents all the way back to George Washington have been accused, without being impeached.

It should only be used as a “political weapon,” as “campaign rhetoric,” Dershowitz said, because it isn’t specific enough to be impeachable.

Dershowitz has said repeatedly that he doesn’t support the president’s policies and voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, which gives his arguments even more legitimacy.

It’s heartening to see that there are some people in the world who defend the Constitution even when it goes against their own political leanings.

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