BREAKING: Impeachment Scandal EXPOSED – Democrats Present Fake Evidence

As Democrats made their case against former President Donald Trump, they conveniently left an important part out of the story: the part where Trump exhorts the people to “peacefully and patriotically” march to the Capitol and make their voices heard.

Trump’s use of the word “peacefully,” of course, goes directly against the narrative that Trump wanted his supporters to violently storm the Capitol and try to take by force what Trump couldn’t secure with votes, namely, control of the government.

The video was edited to make it look like Trump’s words directed people to tussle with Capitol Police, breach barriers, and enter the building forcefully.

In reality, Trump used the exact same kind of language, such as “fight like hell” and “take back our country,” that countless other politicians have used to describe their battles to gain legal and constitutional power in the U.S. through elections and other constitutional actions.

His lawyers need to make that very clear when it’s their turn to present evidence on Friday.

Read the full story here.


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