BREAKING: Impeachment REVERSAL Stuns Senate – They’re Scrambling

The news is spreading nationwide about an impeachment ‘reversal,’ and it just stunned the Senate. They are scrambling — it is absolute chaos in Washington, DC, this week.

Appearing on Fox News, Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) exposed the mainstream media’s hypocrisy on Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT). They once called him “a felonious tax cheat,” but now they are “praising him.”

The reason is simple: The media and the left have reversed their stance on Romney since he flipped, and he is the only Republican they can use — it is why they are scrambling to get him in the news.

“The press will praise you when you do what you want them to do and attack you viciously when you’re not in line with what they think you should be,” Gardner pointed out.

But for the time being anyway, Romney is a liberal hero. In addition to anti-Trump politicians and media figures praising him, Hollywood celebrities have joined the fawning.

Josh Gad, known for his role as Olaf in the ‘Frozen’ movies, tweeted his thanks to Romney for having “political courage and for honoring your oath to the Constitution.”

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