BREAKING: Impeachment Reversal Bombshell – Democrats Stunned

Actress Rose McGowan has stunned the Democrat party by coming out and condemning the impeachment effort, labeling it a “mass distraction” and drawing attention away from more pressing issues facing the country.

McGowen believes that impeaching President Trump is just another political stunt carried out by a Democrat party only interested in power and willing to ignore the “starving, sick, and poor” to achieve their aspirations.

McGowen took to Twitter on Thursday, saying, “This impeachment is Cult propaganda. A theater of mass distraction. US cult members on the left will cheer, those on the right will be in a fury. And the country’s starving, sick & poor will sink farther & farther. Good thing the Elites are leading us!

Like most major figures in Hollywood, McGowen is a leftist and certainly no fan of President Trump. However, her background and involvement in the Harvey Weinstein scandal have broken her blind loyalism to Democrats.

As a victim of sexual crimes at Weinstein’s hands, McGowen has also denounced Biden as a sexual predator for his assault on Tara Reade. Her contempt extends to the Democrat party that covers for him.

McGowen is right to call out Democrats for their willingness to ignore real issues and their obsession with taking down President Trump. There are real issues that need tackling, and Democrats won’t consider any of them.

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