BREAKING: Impeachment REVERSAL Announcement – The House Just…

An impeachment ‘reversal’ announcement just dropped. The debate is now raging over the House’s vote, but one law professor has weighed in. He is putting his own spin on the situation.

Responding to the claim that the House hasn’t technically impeached the president until the articles are sent to the Senate, law professor Jonathan Turley said such a claim is “difficult to sustain” constitutionally.

Turley also said that “any argument that they’ve entered a legal limbo by stalling the delivery of articles to the Senate falls flat,” and that’s because “the House speaks in its own voice and in its own time.”

That said, President Trump has been rightly keen on mentioning Pelosi’s delay as often as possible, even saying that “there’s no impeachment” due to her political antics. The point he’s making is a simple one.

The Senate cannot move forward with a trial until Pelosi decides to move forward. If the president is really a threat — as she has repeatedly claimed — what is she waiting for? Her grandstanding has been exposed.

In fact, at least one other law professor, Noah Feldman of Harvard, thinks there could be something to Trump’s claim. “If the articles are not transmitted, Trump could legitimately say he wasn’t truly impeached at all,” he said.

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