BREAKING: Impeachment Part TWO – Democrats Announce Bombshell

The news just dropped about another round of impeachment proceedings — part two could be on the way soon. Democrats announced it moments ago and Trump supporters are enraged.

It wasn’t good enough for liberals to completely fail at ousting President Donald Trump the first time. Now, according to a legal document filed by House Democrats, the “impeachment investigation” has not ended.

In short, Democrats are seeking the grand jury materials from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ probe and accusing the Department of Justice (DOJ) of stonewalling the release of these documents.

At the DOJ’s request, Chief Justice John Roberts “put a temporary hold on the grand jury materials on May 8,” according to Breitbart News. But Democrats have continued to push and made a direct threat in their brief to the court.

“This substantial delay will seriously endanger the Committee’s ability to complete its impeachment investigation during the current Congress— which ends not long thereafter on January 3, 2021,” said the document.

Americans shouldn’t be surprised that Democrats may make another run at impeachment, depending on whether they obtain the grand jury materials. Time isn’t on their side, however, and an election is looming. Thank God.

Read the full story here.

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