BREAKING: Impeachment ‘NO’ Vote – Top Democrat Confirms It

Maine Democrat Rep. Jared Golden is facing criticism from both sides after his decision to vote for only one of the two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

Golden voted for the first article, which said that Trump abused his power in dealings with Ukraine. He voted against the second article accusing Trump of obstructing Congress by refusing to let witnesses comply with subpoenas.

The congressman pointed to his district’s independence as the reason for his choice. “It might be a lonely place for me to be in Washington,” Golden said. “But it’s not a lonely place for me to be here in Maine, and in my district.”

Golden narrowly won his seat in 2018, ousting a Republican by less than one percent of the vote. With Trump on the ballot in 2020 and public opinion firmly against impeachment, his seat is vulnerable to flipping along with at least 30 others in the House.

He’s hoping that his split vote will mean something to his district, but what about the 28 who didn’t have the courage to stand up to their Democrat leaders?

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