BREAKING: Impeachment Bombshell – Top Democrat Comes Forward

Representative Adam Smith (D-WA) went on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” to comment on the future of the impeachment inquiry.

According to Smith, Democrats are likely going to vote on impeachment by the end of the year.

Smith said, “I think it’s probably the worst kept secret in the world right now, that yes, that is absolutely where we are headed.”

This is good news for President Trump, as the sooner this mess is over the better. Trump needs the impeachment inquiry dead, or he needs it in the Senate where he can defend himself.

Democrats know that when impeachment moves to the Senate they will no longer be able to control information. Worse yet, Republicans can call the witnesses they have been wanting to call for months.

Democrats can only delay the inevitable for so long. I’m sure there are many who wish they could go back to August and stop this from happening.

Read the full story here.

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