BREAKING: Impeachment Bombshell – Cruz Just…

An impeachment bombshell just dropped. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has stunned everyone on national television, and now anti-Trump Democrats are ducking for cover. This is incredible.

Appearing on Fox News, Cruz said, “The Democrats, it’s worth asking them, ‘what exactly are you saying the president did wrong and which part of it has your party not done tenfold worse?’.”

He brought up how President Obama “refused to give lethal aid to Ukraine for his entire presidency,” yet President Trump has given Ukraine “javelin missiles [and] antitank missiles.”

Also, Cruz noted that Trump had good reason to request a Biden investigation, especially since Hunter Biden was receiving “a million bucks a year” and Joe Biden was “bragging” about getting a prosecutor fired.

Ultimately, Cruz did in his interview what he does best — exposed the Democrats’ grandstanding with the kind of precision that only an experienced, conservative lawyer, could deliver.

While Trump did nothing wrong by requesting Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, Democrats still have zero moral high ground since Obama “unleashed” the FBI and the DOJ on Trump.

Read the full story here.

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