BREAKING: Impeachment Announcement STUNS Obama

An impeachment announcement just stunned former President Barack Obama. The Democratic Party has fallen completely apart, and it’s all Obama’s fault. He is back in the hot seat.

Appearing on CNN, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) brought up Obama’s “hot mic moment with the former president of Russia” and made the point that this was more impeachable than anything Trump has done.

“Whether you like what the president has done or not … does it come to the point of removing a president from office?” asked Ernst. “I don’t believe it does.” She then shifted her focus to Obama.

“I’ll tie it back to Obama and his hot mic moment with the former president of Russia, where he literally said give me some space in my election,” she said, much to the chagrin of CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Tapper noted that Obama was talking about a missile defense system, but Ernst countered quickly by reminding him that it was “a missile defense that the Congress wanted him to build up.”

Obama promised not to do it “as long as the Russians gave him space in the elections,” and no one brought up impeachment. It is ironic that Obama actually mentioned elections and got off scot-free.

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