BREAKING: Ilhan Omar’s Hamas Secret Comes Out – Evidence Shocks…

Ilhan Omar has been trying to keep a secret from America, but now, thanks to Sen. Ted Cruz, the cat is out of the bag.

Cruz said this week that Minnesota Rep. Omar is “acting as the press secretary for Hamas,” the Palestinian terror organization.

The claim comes after Omar tweeted false information about the recent attacks in Gaza.

However, Omar did not mention the full context. “What the report did not mention was that Israel claimed it had targeted and killed 11 Hamas fighters who had fired rockets at Israeli civilians,” reports Breitbart News. “The Hamas attack was aimed at Jerusalem, where Palestinians have rioted in recent days, at the instigation of Palestinian terror groups and political leaders. Earlier Monday, a Palestinian mob attempted to lynch an Israeli driver.”

Omar’s spin propaganda was not lost on Cruz.

Omar continues to rise among the ranks of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

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14 Responses

  1. Omar’s actions as described clearly amount to giving aid and comfort to an enemy, a known terrorist agency. As such she is guilty of treason and should be tried and, if found guilty, punished according to applicable laws!

    1. This is definitely treason to the United States and this isn’t the first time she has been guilty of treason! Get rid of that traitor!!!!

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  4. That woman is a traitor and an unamerican. She needs to go back to Palestine if she is so in love with it. Bet she won’t tho because she could never live the plush life she has in America. Just think, we the American citizens are paying her to trash America. Who in the world voted for her?

  5. Omar -Oh my, what a piece of work!! Can’t our elected pussies get enough back bone and kick her out-out, past the beach and to her home, wherever that may be as she does not act like a US citizen-in her capacity as a Representative, how many sensitive US Documents has she copied and sent to mown-us citizens, and interesting thought?? Let her make a run for the border-and not stop as she bites the hand that feeds her.

  6. Omar, Talib, aoc, presley and John Kerry are the treasonous creeps and should be out of DC and out of America in orange jump suits.

  7. How did she get elected? Obama saw to it that a high concentration of Islamist’s were settled in one area of Minnesota. They declared it as their own. Of course, they all voted for her. Thank you, Obama, the original importer of Arab immigrants.

  8. Omar should never have been able to get anywhere near are government or into are country she is a islamic terrorist and so is Talib, its time to start shipping these people out of are country back to the countries they belong in !!!!

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  10. I believe Omar should make a visit to the area and bring Talib with AOC and make sure Hamas is aware of their flight numbers

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