BREAKING: Ilhan Omar Says It’s Over – Congress Stunned

Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has made it clear that peaceable negotiation over a minimum wage hike is over and that the Democrat party will “fight” like Republicans to get a minimum wage hike.

After the Senate parliamentarian effectively killed a $15 minimum wage hike in the latest $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package, Omar said Democrats need to take a leaf out of the Republican playbook.

Omar said during an interview on CNN that, “I believe, for us to continue to come up with excuses on why we can’t do the right thing for the American people. When Republicans are charged, and they have the majority, they do everything they can, and they don’t let anything get in the way in providing profits for corporations. This is the time for Democrats to fight for working Americans for this opportunity that they are given.”

Omar’s belief that Republicans are successful in accomplishing their agenda is a testament to the Republican party’s ability to fool their voter base into believing they are getting something done.

The Republican party enjoyed control of the executive and legislative branches when former President Trump was elected, yet they failed to accomplish several key goals throughout Trump’s term.

Omar continued saying, “I think it is really important for us to draw a hard line on what it means to fight on behalf of the American people. This majority wasn’t given to us to sit on the sidelines and do the right thing.” Clearly, Omar hasn’t been in Washington long enough to understand that majority means nothing and accomplishing anything is incredibly difficult.

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