BREAKING: Ilhan Omar Makes Stunning Power Grab – Dems In Chaos

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) will reintroduce a bill next week that would create an independent board to investigate police killings and deaths while in custody modeled after the National Transportation Safety Board.

The president would appoint the eight-member board, which would make determinations of responsibility in police use of force cases.

According to the bill, if police don’t follow the board’s recommendations, they could have federal funding cut.

“This is going to be a proactive board that does the work on behalf of our country in trying to make sure that these agents of the law are taking their oath seriously and that the work they’re doing is work that helps communities feel safe,” Omar said.

Like most radical left legislation, Omar’s bill might get through the House, but is likely to die in the 50-50 Senate where 60 votes are needed to advance a bill to a vote.

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9 Responses

  1. I imagine Omar will ask to pick the board members to save Biden more time to write his EOs. They should come from her area because they understand the value of removing police.

  2. She is not an American. Why should she be in the House. She hates America and all that we stand for and she will try her darndest to undo all the good that has been done for the American citizens. She needs to get out of politics and out of America

  3. She doesn’t need to be anywhere our government 🙄, she’s not for the American people she absolutely hates America. How do people like her that hate America even get into our government is beyond me.

  4. Like the Medicare board says who can have treatment and none of them or maybe one has any medical degree???????

  5. Of all people in our government, she is the LEAST qualified for any position of authority! She broke the law without consequences and generates disrespect for America every time she opens her mouth!

  6. Omar lied on her INS application for herself and her brother/husband.
    Omar colluded in Vote Buying in MN last election.
    And she has not been Deported or Jailed yet?
    DOJ/INS need to explain themselves?

  7. If Omar wants to start a Board she should know what she is talking about.
    I suggest Omar does one month of ride along with police in Baltimore, New York, Chicago, Minneapolis to get the experience of daily police work before her ignorance gets the best of her again.

  8. What a joke,, we know they would all be left wing liberal Monay Morninig Quarterbacks…Second guessing every move

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