BREAKING: Ilhan Omar Makes It Official – Removal Announcement Stuns White House

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) just made it official. Her ‘removal announcement’ has stunned the White House and millions of people in her home state. Minnesota could be flipped into President Donald Trump’s hands now.

“The need to disband and dismantle — get rid of — the Minneapolis Police Department comes out of a place of understanding that they don’t have credibility within our community,” said Omar to Teen Vogue magazine.

Omar continued: “They are not doing the core function of solving half of the homicides in our city. So if you are not functioning in the ways in which you are supposed to function […] then you shouldn’t exist.”

To an impressionable, young audience, Omar touted the lie that instead of “protecting and serving,” the Minneapolis Police Department’s “function has become to brutalize and cause harm to our community.”

Home and business owners in Minneapolis feel completely different, however, especially after the city was ravaged by violent riots, causing at least $55 million in damage. Minnesota voters may be preparing to respond by electing Republicans.

In fact, Sen. Tina Smith (D-MN) is in big trouble. Her Republican challenger, former Rep. Jason Lewis, has narrowed the race to a statistical tie — giving him (and presumably Trump) enough momentum to possibly prevail in the state.

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