BREAKING: Ilhan Omar Facing CRIMINAL Charges… [REPORT]

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is facing criminal charges as a stunning report makes its way into the news. The radical congresswoman thought she could escape, but she can’t avoid the truth now.

State Representative Steve Drazkowsi — a Republican from Minnesota town of Mazeppa — has been a frequent critic of Omar. He is now calling for judges to issue criminal charges against Omar for contempt of court and committing perjury.

Drazkowski cites Omar’s affidavit from 20017 stemming from her divorce. According to Drazkowski, Omar was married to her alleged brother, Ahmed Elmi, but sought an expedited divorce that aided Elmi is escaping court scrutiny.

Omar reportedly claimed spotty contact with Elmi, saying that her most recent contact with him was in “June 2011.” However, Drazkowski has presented social media posts that could prove otherwise.

In fact, Drazkowski showed an Instagram post that features Omar and Elmi interacting in 2015 — four years after Omar claimed she had contact with him.

Now local authorities have to decide how to act upon this information. With any luck, Omar will be held accountable and be forced to resign from Congress. Her constituents deserve much better.

Read the full story here.

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