BREAKING: Ilhan Omar EXPOSED – She’s Ruined

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was just completely exposed on national television. She is ruined and may have to step down. Her constituents deserve to know about this immediately.

“If anyone should love America, it’s Ilhan Omar,” said Carlson on his show. “This country rescued her from a squalid Kenyan refugee camp and made her a national figure.”

“Quite an ascent,” Carlson continued. “But Ilhan Omar is not grateful. She hates us for it.” He is referring, of course, to Omar’s demand that we dismantle our “economy and political systems.”

The irony here can’t be overstated. Omar immigrated to the United States, eventually became a citizen, and then was elected to arguably the most powerful legislative bodies in the world.

If anything, Omar should be thankful for the opportunities America has given her, but she is completely sold-out to the left’s anti-America, historically ignorant political agenda. She needs to resign.

In the meantime, Carlson said, “We have every right to fight to preserve our nation and our heritage and our culture.” Americans cannot allow the Democratic Party to take control of this country in November.

Read the full story here.

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