BREAKING: IG Horowitz SHREDS Comey – Media Hiding This

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has released a damning report. Inspector General Michael Horowitz just made it public, and it shreds figures like former FBI Director James Comey.

According to The Daily Wire, the DOJ report examines “the role of the FBI in efforts to wiretap and investigate” Trump’s 2016 campaign and found that “the FBI had informants within the Trump campaign itself.”

This revelation simply supports the current evidence of spying on the Trump campaign — especially since one of the staffers FBI informants reportedly tried to get close to was Carter Page.

As people know, the FBI obtained a warrant from the FISA court to conduct surveillance on Page. Now, as a result of this report, it shows just how far the FBI was willing to go.

Comey needs to be called before Congress to testify immediately. He should have to answer for his role in this entire witch-hunt against Trump. This new revelation is disturbing and he must be held accountable.

Unsurprisingly, the embedded FBI informants “came up empty despite repeated attempts to bait both Page and Papadopolous into connecting with Russian operatives.” It is time for justice.

Read the full story here.

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