BREAKING: Hunter Biden REVERSAL Rocks Nation – It’s Out In The Open Now

Twitter has walked back on its policy that they used to justify the censorship of a story on Hunter Biden’s shady overseas activities.

Twitter’s change of heart may be too little too late as the Republican National Committee has already filed a complaint with the FEC alleging that Twitter’s censorship amounts to election interference.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said, “Straight blocking of URLs was wrong, and we updated our policy and enforcement to fix. Our goal is to attempt to add context, and now we have capabilities to do that.”

Why is Twitter so interested in “adding context,” to a story that by all means has substantial evidence behind it? Where was this sentiment when the Atlantic pushed a defamatory and false story about President Trump’s comments on dead American troops?

Both Twitter and Facebook executives recently joined the Biden transition team and both companies aggressively censored the story that exposed Biden for engaging in blatant corruption.

Twitter and Facebook and most of the Big Tech world are in league with the Democrats and it is long past time to bring the hammer down on all of them.

Read the full story here.

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