BREAKING: Hunter Biden Responds To Money Laundering Charges

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s eldest son, Hunter Biden, has responded to money laundering charges made against him. It just went public in court and people are stunned.

Through his lawyer, Biden denounced a “scheme … to make scandalous allegations in the pending suit to gain media attention without any material or pertinent material.”

The suit being referred to here is one brought by an Arkansas woman, Lunden Roberts, who is claiming that her child is Biden’s and is seeking child support from him.

Additional documents were publicly added to the lawsuit’s filing, including allegations that Biden “established bank and financial accounts with Morgan Stanley” for a “money laundering scheme.”

The alleged beneificiary: Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian energy firm at the center of a scandal involving Biden, who resigned as a member of the company’s board in April 2019.

Biden has moved to have these particular allegations struck from Lunden’s lawsuit against him. We will see how the court rules in the coming days on this request and the case in general.

Read the full story here.

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