BREAKING: Hunter Biden Notified – Top Republican Confirms It

Hunter Biden is on notice, Republicans are coming for him. Top Republican Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is now saying Biden needs to testify in the Senate impeachment trial.

Speaking to reporters, Cruz said, “Adam Schiff’s arguments to open the day today directly drew into question Hunter Biden and made not only his testimony relevant, but it is now critical because the House Democrats have built their entire case on the proposition that any investigation into Burisma and corruption was a sham, that it was completely debunked.”

Head impeachment manager Adam Schiff may have played right into the hands of the Republican-led Senate.

Cruz went on to say, “If the House managers case is based on the allegations of corruption concerning Hunter Biden and Joe Biden being a sham than it is directly relevant and I got to say the need for the Senate to hear the testimony of Hunter Biden and the need for the Senate to grant the White House lawyers the ability to take that testimony has become all the more relevant.”

Democrats have spent the last two weeks demanding Republicans allow new witnesses. Republicans may grant that wish, but it would require Hunter Biden testify.

Now Biden’s testimony could go beyond a matter of trade. If Democrats pursue their current strategy his testimony will be required.

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