BREAKING: Hunter Biden NAILED In Criminal Shocker – President Humiliated…

Fox News host Jesse Watters gave his viewers a prediction on Friday about what would happen if Hunter Biden is indicted.

Watters thinks Hunter will get a presidential pardon from his father, and that President Joe Biden will not run for re-election in 2024.

“[W]e all see that Emperor Joe Biden has no clothes,” Watters said. “Joe Biden isn’t perfect. Joe Biden is not making anybody happy. He is not delivering for Republicans or Democrats or anybody. And, his polling numbers are terrible. And, Democrats are about to get wiped out. And America knows it. So does the media. But, the media has too much pride to admit they were wrong. So, the cover-up continues.”

Watters continued, “He is losing blacks, whites, Latinos. ‘Primetime’ is hearing that Hunter will be indicted. Biden will probably pardon this on and announce he is not running for reelection. So, who else is there to carry the torch? Could it be Kamala?”

Let’s hope not.

Read the full story here.

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