BREAKING: Hunter Biden NAILED – China Conspiracy Exposed…

Hunter Biden is getting called out by Senator David Perdue for being exactly the kind of soft target that China is targeting.

Perdue made the comments while commenting on his Senatorial runoff election against Democrat Jon Osoff:

Jon Ossoff in his career has only really done one thing. He calls himself a documentary journalist. His biggest client in the last nine years — in a business that his daddy bought for him — was Al Jazeera, the spokespeople for terrorists and ISIS.

This shows bad judgment, and it’s a real dangerous thing on the back of the Swalwell scandal and also the Hunter Biden scandal. It shows what China’s doing: they’re finding these young impressionable liberals and they’re developing strong relationships.

Perdue might have been zoning in on Osoff, but the greater scandal is surely the added pressure on the Biden team that Hunter is a liability whose alleged connections and corruption are a time bomb waiting to explode.

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