BREAKING: Hunter Biden Hauled Into Court – Trump Was Right

Lawyers for Hunter Biden are trying to keep court records pertaining to a child support case against him sealed to prevent the public from gaining information that may pertain to his dealings with Ukraine.

A protective motion had been granted to Biden to keep his financial information sealed, but lawyers argued the protection didn’t go far enough.

“Although the Court has entered a protective order in this cause, only those deposition excerpts that ‘contain or allude to confidential financial information shall be sealed,'” lawyer Brett Langdon wrote. “Foreseeably, all other information obtained at the deposition that is not considered ‘financial information’ would be open to the world’s media including other third persons who are only interested in matters unrelated to the issues before this Court. Public disclosure of the deposition can only be for the purpose of continued annoyance or attempts to embarrass the Defendant.”

Biden’t lawyers appear to be worried that lawyers for the child’s mother will ask questions related to his employment with a Ukraine energy company, Burisma Holdings, that could reveal information beneficial to an investigation into possible corruption by Biden and his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Judging by his fear, it appears that there could be something to the push to investigate the situation. Maybe Trump was right about the Bidens after all.

Read the full story here.

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