BREAKING: Hunter Biden Gets TERRIBLE News – It’s Finally Happening

Hunter Biden and the Biden family may think they are about to escape investigation, but not if House Judiciary Committee member Ken Buck can help it.

The Republican representative is frustrated with Bill Barr’s decision to not name a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden but believes a precedent has been set that would demand further action.

According to Fox News reporting, Buck argued that “the establishment of former FBI Director Bob Mueller as a special counsel investigating alleged Russian collusion involving President Trump is a precedent that calls for another prosecutor to take up an investigation into the younger Biden’s foreign business and related affairs.”

“I wrote a letter to Attorney General Barr over a month ago and asked for a special counsel,” said Buck during a recent interview. “I think the precedent is clear with Robert Mueller. I think when you look at the activities of Hunter Biden and his father, at the time his father was vice president, it’s clear corruption; a number of statutes implicated.”

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