BREAKING: Hunter Biden Gets Bad News – The Evidence Is…

Hunter Biden’s newly announced forthcoming memoir Beautiful Things promptly skyrocketed to the top of the Chinese biographies book list.

Biden is getting lots of preorders for the book even though it isn’t due out until April, and may be the rare figure who actually justifies a multi-million dollar advance (reportedly $2 million).

It isn’t clear how it became classified under the Chinese biographies category, despite Biden’s highly publicized ties to Chinese businesses and investments after he traveled there with his father while Joe Biden was vice president.

I guess people like reading books about people whose lives are even more messed up than their own, and Hunter Biden’s history of addiction, dating his dead brother’s wife, and having a baby with a stripper certainly qualify.

The President and First Lady said they approve of Hunter publishing his memoir–and why wouldn’t they when he is supposedly handing over half of all the payoffs he gets directly to dear old dad? Also, it’s a good distraction from his history of profitting off of dad’s name and dragging him into huge scandals, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

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