BREAKING: Hunter Biden BREAKTHROUGH – Trump Is Grinning

President Donald Trump said at a rally Thursday night that he hopes Joe Biden is the Democratic presidential nominee so that he can hear “Where’s Hunter?” at every debate they have.

“He made millions and millions of dollars a year. Ukraine took care of him. How about China?” Trump asked. “He walked out with $1.5 billion to manage and he never did it before. He didn’t know anything about oil and gas and he was making a fortune. So where is Hunter? Where the hell are you Hunter?”

Trump also said he has made Hunter Biden’s first name “Where’s?”

“I said that we have to have ‘Where’s Hunter?’ as a witness. They said, ‘What do you mean “Where’s Hunter?”‘ I said that’s his first name. I have now made his first name ‘Where’s?’ Where’s Hunter?” Trump said at a Toledo rally.

Trump also pointed out that Biden has gotten Iran and Iraq mixed up four times since a U.S. drone strike killed top Iranian General Qasem Soleimani outside Baghdad International Airport.

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