BREAKING: Hunter Biden Bombshell Rocks DC – It Goes All The Way To The Top

Breitbart’s Peter Schweizer decried the media’s complicity in covering up the Hunter Biden investigation prior to the 2020 presidential election, calling it a “national tragedy.”

In October, the New York Post broke the story of the discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop at a computer shop in Delaware that implicated president-elect Joe Biden in getting payouts from a state-owned oil company in China, but it was ignored by all other media outlets and censored by social media giants Facebook and Twitter.

“What you have is a situation today where the Bidens have repeatedly lied to the media, and the media doesn’t care. They don’t want to catch them in the lies; they don’t want to pursue the lies,” Schweizer said.

“It’s a massive disservice to the American public,” Schweizer continued. “We need a vibrant media that is following all of our national leaders and holding them into account. And we don’t have that. We have a national media that wants to protect certain powerful figures and wants to go after other public figures.”

When the media is actively campaigning for and working to get one side elected, as is happening today, it will be the American people who suffer from not getting the true or real story on their leaders.

Read the full story here.

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