BREAKING: Hunter Biden Bombshell Has White House In Crosshairs – America Shocked..

Hunter Biden’s involved, that’s how you know just how corrupt our White House is right now.

This drug-addicted snake should not be allowed anywhere near America’s federal government.

Unfortunately, his father is the President of the United States of America.

That’s why Hunter has been able to accept “millions from the mayor of Moscow” while liberals were busy pushing a “false narrative” about Donald Trump being “too cozy with Russia,” according to Representative Darrell Issa.

The Republican from California is disgusted by the amount of double-standards in the liberal party.

For everything that was ever said about Donald Trump, not very much of it was true. He’s not racist, that’s just what liberals say when they don’t get their way.

“Let’s remember one thing,” Issa said. “If something works, you keep doing it. Hunter Biden made $11 million off of his father’s name and reputation. And now he is an artist making millions more selling art while his father is the president. So, if a con works, you do it.”

Yet Hunter Biden is ACTUALLY committing all of these atrocities against the American people and our federal government seems to be doing absolutely nothing about it.

“In this [Michael Sussmann] case, it worked not only to have this false narrative but to continue with it throughout the entire Trump administration. Most people in America today have this sort of a whiff of was Trump too cozy with Russia, when in fact it was Hunter Biden that got millions from the mayor of Moscow that can’t be explained in any way except a payoff to him for being the son of his father.”

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