BREAKING: Huge War Alert Issued – America Is Stunned…

An unlikely voice sent a shocking warning out to American conservatives about an upcoming war.

“[T]he right was trying to win the culture by using politics, and that was ultimately not working,” reported Breitbart News in summary of MSNBC’s Christ Hayes.

Per Hayes:

This is something I think structures so much of American politics and the way I phrase it is that the right keeps losing the culture and winning the culture war. And those two things are related, that they kind of play off each other. To the extent that they view the vast expanse, huge swaths of American culture, as being alien to them and created by people in large metro areas with college degrees and broadly liberal politics, if not liberal politics, at least not Trump voters.

Politics will be the means by which we wrench this back. Politics is the means by which we wrench this back, and fundamentally that itself is kind of an authoritarian impulse. Politics can’t be the means by which you win the culture. You’ve got to win the culture by persuading people, making better TV shows, I don’t know. Politics cannot be the means by which you do that, but that is the tool that they see.

And while I couldn’t see the world more differently than Hayes, he makes a strong point. Winning an election isn’t the best way to impact and persuade the culture. In fact, winning an election without being persuasive may result in a worse backfire than the original status quo.

To read more about Hayes’ comments, click here.

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