BREAKING: Huge Trump Announcement Shocks Media – It’s Time…

Trump Media and Technology Group CEO Devin Nunes said during an exclusive interview with Breitbart News that said Trump is gearing up for “the battle of all battles” against Big Tech and the mainstream media.

Nunes confirmed that Trump’s Media and Technology Group is preparing to launch a new social media platform.

Nunes told Breitbart News, “Right now, we’re looking at by the end of the first quarter. We’re going to come out when it’s ready to come out.”

Nunes continued explaining, “It’s always going to be a challenge, but we’re not going to be just some free-for-all. Like, let everybody just post stuff that is illegal, or that you wouldn’t want your grandma or your daughters to see. The goal is to protect our users. Nobody’s stealing their data. Nobody’s threatening their kids online — that won’t be tolerated.”

The idea that Trump’s team is working with is solid as Americans are desperate for a real alternative to Big Tech’s oppressive and woke social media platforms.

Of course, unseating platforms like Twitter and Facebook will be a tremendous task. Thankfully it seems that Donald Trump and Devin Nunes are ready to win this battle no matter what is being thrown against them.

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