BREAKING: Huge Reversal In House Of Representatives – GOP Is Cheering

The Democrats in House of Republicans may be for a stunning reversal. And the Republicans couldn’t be happier about it.

An Alabama GOP member, Robert Aderholt, said during a recent interview that he fully expects the Republicans to take back the House in 2022. Here’s to hoping that happens.

Representative Aderholt said “It does look very good for the Republicans on the House and Senate side, quite honestly, because we are within striking distance now of getting the majority.”

Aderholt predicted that a backlash will likely cause th GOP to pick up seats in both the Senate and the House:

Obviously, there are some seats that still are out there. I think most of them have been called, and it’s going to be a Democrat majority in the House, but it’s by a much slimmer margin than they thought. As you rightly said, when you go into a midterm on the president of the other party — there is a backlash. And so, historically, I think it is 10-20 seats the minority in the other party picks up. So, we’ll be well over the majority in 2022.

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