BREAKING: Huge Mueller Report Release Notice [Alert]

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham just released a major notice about when the Mueller report will be released by Attorney General William Barr.

Graham revealed that Barr told him that the report will not be done vetting it until sometime in April.

Democrats have been pushing for Barr to release the report even sooner. Multiple Democrat committee chairs demanded Barr release the report to Congress no later than April 2.

William Barr’s refusal to bend to the Democrat push for immediate release of the report has got the media buzzing with conspiracy theories.

Meanwhile, Lindsey Graham has his own plans to launch an investigation into the FBI and DOJ. Graham has plans to ask Barr to set up another special counsel in order to probe the motivations for the investigation into the debunked accusations against President Trump.

Graham hasn’t disclosed details about the proposed investigation but has said that he’s working closely with William Barr to develop the plans.

Read the full story here.

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