BREAKING: Huge Georgia Election REVERSAL – Nation Stunned

The 2020 presidential election saw a huge reversal in Georgia’s voting demographics. Georgia saw its lowest turnout of African-American voters since 2006 in a development that clashes with the increase in voter turnout in other areas.

The number of eligible voters who participated in the 2020 election dramatically increased, while at the same time, the participation rate for the African-American community decreased.

This development is becoming a trend as the participation rate has been dropping steadily. Back in 2012, African-American voters made up 30% of Georgia’s electorate.

Hispanic and Asian voting blocks broke records in turnout this election cycle, which further complicates the picture for analysts. What is becoming clear is that racial groups are becoming less homogeneous in how they vote.

President Trump outperformed his 2016 records and did better than any Republican presidential candidate since 1960.

President Trump is changing the electoral landscape and getting voters that conventional wisdom dictate would never vote Republican. That combined with the failure of the Democrat party to appeal to the economic interests of minority groups is creating a myriad of electoral anomalies.

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