BREAKING: Huge Election News From Arizona – Joe Biden Is Furious

Major election news from Arizona just dropped. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is completely furious — he never expected this to happen and it has put a wrench in his premature victory dance.

“President Trump is continuing to make gains in Arizona, reducing Joe Biden’s (D) lead by the thousands over the course of the last week,” reported Breitbart News. Trump could actually pull off an upset in the Grand Canyon State.

“Another Maricopa County drop on Monday evening showed Trump reducing Biden’s overall lead from 16,952 on Sunday afternoon to 14,746,” Breitbart continued. “Trump needs to take 60 percent of the remaining ballots in the state in order to take the lead.”

In the meantime, America waits for the final result. Ballots continue to be counted in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Nevada as well — and the Trump campaign will ensure that every legal vote is counted.

This is crucial. Democrats and the mainstream media want to act like this election is over, even though votes have no been finalized in competitive swing states. Notice to the media: you don’t elect the president, the people do.

In short order, we will know the actual winner of this contest — whoever it may be. Then, Americans will live with the results. But not until the legal process works itself out and any voting irregularities are exposed.

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