BREAKING: Huge Election News From Arizona – Donald Trump Is Smiling

Arizona legislators are currently considering holding a special session in the state legislature to authorize an audit of Arizona’s election. The Republican majority legislature is requesting the audit to check for any irregularities or fraud.

This action is being considered after Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs denied an audit of the election results. Hobbs has previously accused President Trump of being “on the side of the freaking Nazis.”

If Hobbs truly believes that Trump is an ally of Nazi’s, why would she ever authorize an audit that would potentially show widespread voter fraud in a state crucial for President Trump’s election chances?

Clearly Hobbs is politically motivated and is incapable of doing her job. With Republicans holding both chambers of the Arizona legislature there will be few obstacles to an audit if a special session is held soon.

Arizona, a state which President Trump won in 2016, flipped for Biden by 11,000 votes with roughly 10,000 left to count. However, after poll workers told voters in Republican areas to use sharpies to fill their ballots, it was clear there was fraud afoot.

No matter the outcome of the election, Republicans need to focus on local and state level positions that are so critical to overseeing election security. The events of this election should not be repeated in the future.

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