BREAKING: Huckabee Confirms Rumors – Trump Stunned

Huckabee just confirmed the rumors on national television. President Donald Trump is completely stunned and people are wondering if he will issue a response to this stunning news.

“I think the only person who can defeat Donald Trump is Donald Trump,” said former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) on Fox News. He then urged a slight change in messaging strategy.

“We are in very tense times, and there needs to be that calming voice of reassurance,” Huckabee continued. “He can do that. He has done it before. And that’s the balance he has got to strike.”

Huckabee also noted how Trump has the “right” message, but it will be important for him now and in the coming months to make some adjustments — and that won’t be difficult to do against Joe Biden.

After all, Biden’s mental capacities continue to diminish; there is a reason why the Democratic Party has kept him mostly locked up for the past few months. He is an embarrassment whenever he speaks.

Huckabee said that Trump is “running against somebody that half the time doesn’t remember what he is running for,” which gives the president the advantage come November. He will win re-election.

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