BREAKING: House VOTE Confirmation… McConnell Notified

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) blasted Democrats after the fifth day of public impeachment hearings Wednesday, tweeting that Democrats are neglecting their jobs making legislation in order to try to impeach Trump.

“There’s no governing priority – no matter how bipartisan, no matter how beneficial to Americans – that won’t take a backseat to impeachment,” McConnell said, noting that “Speaker Pelosi has refused to allow a vote on USMCA for months.”

McConnell took issue with Democrats’ contention that “impeachment won’t keep them from legislating,” saying that it appears to be false by their recent actions.

The new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada would add 176,000 jobs across the U.S., but Democrats seem more concerned with advancing impeachment and denying President Donald Trump any further policy wins.

“We need our Democratic colleagues to put aside socialist daydreams and fulfill their basic governing responsibilities,” McConnell said in a follow-up tweet.

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