Breaking: House Says ‘YES’ – White House LOVES It…

The House Ethics committee has announced it is pursuing an investigation into Representative Alcee Hastings (D-FL) over his relationship with his girlfriend, who works as a government employee for him.

The staffer in question, while officially unnamed, is widely known to be Patricia Williams, who is Hastings’s highest-paid staffer.

Their relationship has been a long one, spanning decades. This relationship between Hastings and someone who he employs has raised ethics concerns for years.

The House has a rule that Representatives cannot have sexual relations with anyone who is employed under them. There is an exception in the case of marriage.

Hastings has been in trouble before. In 2017 he had settled a lawsuit involving sexual harassment. The victim alleged that Hastings had touched her and threatened her job.

Hastings is innocent until proven guilty, however this is not a good look and certainly shows a pattern of bad behavior.

Read the full story here.

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