BREAKING: Horrifying Iran Discovery… Yep, It’s Obama

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on ABC This Week Sunday that the Trump administration is having to “clean up [the] mess” of the Obama administration concerning Iran.

Host George Stefanopoulos asked Pompeo whether he would go to Congress for authorization after playing a video clip of former Vice President and current presidential candidate Joe Biden said that President Donald Trump had no authority to strike Iran without going to Congress.

“Boy, it’s really something to hear the vice-president from the previous administration be critical of this administration’s policy of Iran,” Pompeo said. “We’re having to clean up their mess, George.”

We have all the authority we need to do what we’ve done to date. We will continue to do things appropriately, lawfully, and constitutionally,” he continued. “There’s no reason to expect we’d do anything different going forward.”

It’s really good to hear someone in Washington tell it like it is.

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