BREAKING: Horrifying Arrest Notice – White House Notified

A horrifying arrest notice was just issued. The White House has been notified and the news is spreading like wildfire nationwide. Democrats have hit a new low.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is apparently trying to bounce back from his ‘blackface’ scandal by giving radical liberals their wishes, including $250,000 for “adult correctional facilities” to help enforce gun-control measures.

Virginia’s current budget bill, HB30, reportedly includes this particular provision — which would allocate the quarter of a million dollars for an “increase of the operating cost” of the state’s prison system.

This is part of Northam’s plan to criminalize the Second Amendment. He is accomplishing his goal with allies in the legislature, with many of them reportedly bought and paid for by Michael Bloomberg through his anti-gun PAC.

It just so happens that Bloomberg recently launched a presidential campaign as well. The New York City liberal is nothing if not calculated — and now he will likely try to collect on the political favors.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has a detailed write-up on the Virginia law, the Northam-Bloomberg connection, and why these gun-control measures pushed by leftists always fail.

Read the full story here.

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