Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton said that the FBI has uncovered even more of Hillary Clinton’s emails than previously disclosed, according to a November court filing.

Out of 33,000 emails that Cllinton is said to have removed from servers and tried to destroy, the FBI has recovered about 5,000. Some of the recovered emails were classified but were sent through a system, which is illegal.

Fitton has submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to see all of the emails Clinton received and sent. To date, the FBI has recovered 72,000 pages of documents that she tried to destroy or didn’t disclose.

Other federal litigation from Judicial Watch is also pending, and the judge in that case has ordered discovery into whether Clinton was trying to avoid FOIA by using a private server and whether an attempted settlement in 2014-2015 was in bad faith.

A number of Obama administration officials and Clinton aides must be deposed or answer questions in writing as part of the discovery.

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